Where do we live in the world?

This half term we have been thinking about the world. We looked at maps of the world and we identified that the country we live in is England. The city we live in is Leeds and the town we live in is Middleton. 

We have learnt about human and physical features in our environments.

What The Student Says

What skills were developed?
The children have learnt to ask questions about features in their environment. They can talk about where they live and identify aspects of their local area.  The children are developing map reading skills and really enjoyed using digital maps to look at our school and plan out our daily mile. 

What The Teacher Says

“I have really enjoyed teaching this topic and helping the children learn more about where they live. I am really impressed with how well they have understood key concepts. I really enjoyed our walk to the nature reserve and was really proud of the children and their knowledge of geographical features.”


We enjoyed using the digital map software to plan our daily mile. We looked closely at school on the map and talked about aspects of the school we could recognise from the aerial view. 

“This puddle is a physical feature.” The children enjoy applying their new knowledge to everyday life. 

We enjoyed going on a local walk to Middleton Nature Reserve. The children really impressed all the adults on the trip with their knowledge of human and physical features. They recognised other aspects of their area on the walk and discussed familiar places with their friends.