The UK

Project Overview

Year 3 have been developing the essential qualities and skills of young geographers. They have been using computer programming and atlases to locate and explore the countries in the UK.

The children have learned about the physical and human features of the UK, typical weather, how places have changed over time and the economical challenges facing different cities.


What The Student Says



“I didn’t know there were so many different areas of the UK. It is much bigger than I realised.”

“I really likes using Digimaps. We could zoom right it to look at the different areas.”

“I can now locate the different countries in the UK. We did a quiz every week to see if we could remember.”

What skills were developed?

The children have used an interactive mapping programme called Digimaps.

They have used contents and keys of atlases to understand topographical and ordnance survey maps.

They have created their own giant map and have labelled this with everything they have learned.

They have used information and a search engine to research about UK farming.

What The Teacher Says

“This is a fantastic module to teach as it is so relevant for the children. It is great to see those ‘wow’ moments as the children understand just how diverse and beautiful the UK is.  The children have really shown their geographical skills when using maps both digitally and in atlases.”

The children really showed off their art skills when we discovered some of the well known physical landmarks around the UK. We looked at were they were in the UK to help us to remember which country was which on our maps. Then the children recreated them. These are just a few of the wonderful examples. 


The children have been looking at where our food comes from in the UK. They have explored the barriers that farmers need to overcome and how they do this. Here you can see some fantastic fact files that the children created using information sheets and the internet.