Fire Engines

Project Overview

Year 2 have been designing and making their own fire engines.  Having explored how fires were extinguished during the Great Fire of London, they then looked at how modern day fires are tackled.  They worked hard on examining the different parts of vehicles before learning how to use a saw to cut dowel to make the axles for their vehicles.  The end products are beautiful!

What The Student Says

“My favourite bit was making the axles.” – Oscar

“I liked my ladder.” – Callie

“I liked making the hose.” – Maison

What skills were developed?

The project started with the children learning and identifying the names of different parts of vehicles.  The next job was to investigate the best shape for wheels and make a model of a wheel for a chosen vehicle.  Working in pairs, the children then designed their own vehicles and developed their cutting skills using a saw to make the axles.  They worked brilliantly on their designs, sensibly amending them where necessary.  The final step was to evaluate their products to suggest improvements and to identify successful parts before proudly showing them off!

What The Teacher Says

Mrs Stirk and Mrs Mason are delighted with the excellent finished products.  

We are most proud of the way the children worked together and how much time the children spent on talking about their designs so that they were realistic and achievable.  

Their evaluations are honest, critical and well thought out, resulting in excellent fire engines.