Robert and Sonia Delaunay 

Project Overview

The children researched husband and wife (Robert and Sonia Delaunay). They studied a range of their work and found out that the Delaunay’s were artists who created abstract art. The Delaunay’s created an art movement called Orphism. Orphism was noted for its use of strong colours and geometric shapes. 

After exploring the art work of this creative couple the children used these ideas to inspire their own pieces of abstract art! 

What The Student Says

I really liked using bright colours and simple shapes to create my picture. We used a range of circular objects from around the classroom to make sure that our circles were neatly drawn. I was really happy with my art work! 

What skills were developed?

The children used their sketch books to record their observations and ideas for their pieces of work. They had the opportunity to develop their ability to use a range of materials to create bright and bold pictures. They used pastels and felt tip pens. 

What The Teacher Says

The children really enjoyed exploring the work of the Delaunay’s. They recognised the use of bright, bold colours and geometric shapes which they successfully incorporated into their own pieces of work.