This half term, year 4 have been studying electricity in science. We’ve looked at how to make circuits, the different components and thought about how electricity travels.

The children have carried out lots of experiments to be able to answer different questions about electricity. 

What The Student Says

“I found this topic really interesting and I liked it. My favourite lesson was learning about making a battery out of lemons and adding them all together to give the bulb more power. I liked being able to ask questions and then find out the answer.”

What skills were developed?

We’ve really worked hard on our scientific skills this half term. Children have had to make predictions about whether a lemon could power a lightbulb.

They’ve also had to  think about how to test whether a material is a conductor or an insulator and then carry out their plans. 

The children also made basic circuits and then built their own switches to turn their buzzers on and off.

What The Teacher Says

“I’ve had a lot of fun teaching this topic and the children have been really ‘switched on’! They’ve asked some really interesting questions and come up with great ideas on how to find out the answers. I’ve been really impressed with the children’s work, especially when they powered a bulb using lemons!”