Science – Seasonal Changes

Year 1 have been observing the changes in the weather this half term. They have learned which months are in which seasons and have been forecasting the weather over the autumn period. 

The children have created their own weather measuring instruments and observed their recordings over the weeks, for example a rain gauge to record rainfall and a wind sock to show the direction  and the strength of the wind.

What The Student Says

“I really enjoyed making the wind sock and rain gauge and putting them outside. We could see how windy it was each day and we looked at the amount of water that was collected after a week”

What skills were developed?

“Children investigated and honed in on their prior knowledge to predict the weather ahead. They performed simple tests and  measured the weather by making the instruments needed to record rain and wind. Finally, observations were recorded over time and discussed so the correlation could be made between the weather and the season.”

What The Teacher Says

“Children were able to build upon their prior knowledge of the British seasons by becoming meteorologists. They became fully immersed in their learning, by watching the weather forecast, before predicting the week’s weather ahead, recording changes in their surroundings as the season was changing,  made their own weather instruments and learned how these are used to measure current and future weather. Children also compared the similarities and differences between seasons