Mechanisms – sliders and leavers

Year 1 children have been learning about mechanisms this half term in Design and Technology. They have looked carefully at examples of moving pictures that use a sliding mechanism. The children were given the chance to explore how to make a slider and thought about how this could be used to create a Christmas card with a moving part that they could take home to give to their families. They got the opportunity to create a second moving picture which they made to show that they could use and apply the skills that they had been taught.

What The Student Says

“I really enjoyed making my Christmas card with a moving part.  It was a bit tricky cutting out the shape of my moving part and drawing it the right size. I love my finished card! I feel really proud and I hope my family will like it too”.

Year 1 child – 1LS

What skills were developed?

  • Drawing an object to the right size
  • Cutting round an object with accuracy and precision
  • Selecting appropriate tools and equipment for the task
  • Choosing the right colours for their moving picture
  • Using colour carefully to enhance their work
  • Joining the lever to the object using glue
  • Assembling all of the parts to create an overall product
  • Following my design and ideas

What The Teacher Says

The children in year 1 worked incredibly hard on their moving pictures. They thoroughly enjoyed designing and testing out their ideas before making their final moving picture. They were enthusiastic from start to finish and were able to plan, design, make and evaluate their finished product. They should feel really proud of their work as the finished Christmas cards looked beautiful and I am sure that their families will have loved receiving them!

Miss Webster