Sculpture by year 4

Project Overview

This half term the children in year 4 have been learning about sculpture. They looked at the works of Sir Anthony Gormley’s Angel of the North, Brick Man, Field and Another Place. The children had the chance to discuss his sculptures and where they are placed. They noticed that lots of his pieces of work look at the human form. The children had the opportunity to investigate the human form through sketching and creating some of their own sculptures using their bodies to create interesting shapes. Next, they worked with clay to create a simple human form before moving on to using wire to create  their own figure. Finally, the sculptures were placed together and photographed in a group.

What The Student Says

“I  liked working with clay to make a figure. It was soft and easy to shape. The wire figures were more difficult to make. I had to twist the wire and shape it and this was hard on my fingers. I really like both of my figures. They turned out well.”

Year 4 child – 4LB.

What skills were developed?

  •  softening and shaping clay
  • following a design and ideas
  • selecting and using clay tools to add texture and features
  • rolling and flattening clay
  • bending, twisting and shaping wire
  • creating a solid base for the figure to stand upright
  • fastening and fixing the figure to the base
  • making a piece of wire represent the human form

What The Teacher Says

The children enjoyed learning about the work of Sir Anthony Gormley and were fascinated by the size and scale of some of his works. They were able to manipulate and shape the clay to make a human form and enjoyed working with two pieces of wire to create a figure. The children had the freedom to create a pose of their choice but they had to ensure that it would be stable and not fall over! Finally, they took their figures outside into the landscape to photograph them. Well done year 4!

Miss Webster