School Council 2021

Logo & Motto

Our first challenges was to create a logo and motto for the School Council. The councilors asked their classes about what they think school council is and what they think the role of a school councilor is. 

Below, you can see the evolution of the logo and motto. We started looking at different ideas and decided our favourite. The final design will be revealed soon. Watch the top of this page to see which design won the vote.

Also a special mention to Mikey, who took the lead on this project, for taking all the ideas and creating the final logo. 


Here you can see the process from the first ideas, in our initial meeting as well as those created by Summer at home, to the final decision. The councillors thought about what they liked and what they wanted to include. You will notice  that the team decided that they would like to incorporate the new Clapgate colours. They also wanted it to be clear in the logo and motto that the role of a school councilor is to listen and develop a love for learning. Chriselda suggested that we could include an ear on the logo.

Mikey created 2 designs for the councillors to choose from based on the feedback from his peers. 

The team also thought that whilst most of the children are learning at home and cannot contact their councillors we could use an email address. If this is something that is possible we decided that we could include the address on the logo at a later date.

British Values

The School Council are a huge part of the social, emotional and cultural wellbeing of all the children in school. Because of this, Miss Proctor has asked the councillors to think about how they can make the children of Clapgate aware of their rights as a citizen of Britain. They were made aware of a new incentive where children can wear a badge for a day who show one of the British Values.

The children worked in small groups and spent some time researching the British Values, writing a script and filming a video to explain to the school how the new incentive will work. The time any effort which was put into this task amazed Miss Jones. Here you can see a PowerPoint about Mutual Respect created by Chriselda and on the right is Maisie’s work on Individual Liberty.