Witches and Wizards

Project Overview

This half term we have been learning about Witches and Wizards. The children were excited to discover that a broken broomstick had appeared in the classroom and began working together to think about where it had come from and who it may have belonged to! They enjoyed thinking about the objects that a witch owns and how a spell might be created. The children had lots of fun creating their own witch using a variety of shapes and arranging them onto paper to create a picture.

What The Student Says

What skills were developed?

The children learnt about shapes and how they can be used in a picture to create their own creation of a witch. The children carefully arranged the shapes that they had chose onto their page and explored how the shapes could be rotated at different angles. They then practised using their gluing skills to secure the shapes in place. 

What The Teacher Says

The children enjoyed learning about witches and wizards and how they make spells. They had lots of fun creating their own witch and making spells using a range of gruesome ingredients! The children thought very carefully about how they wanted their witch to look and which shapes they would use in their pictures.