Year 1- Art- Sculpture

Project Overview

The children started the topic by looking at sculptures and talking about what they liked and disliked. They have learnt that Art is about interpretation so have had the opportunity to talk freely about what they believe sculptures to be. Barbara Hepworth is the artist that we have focused on and we have looked at different sculptures she created. The children had an opportunity to use the materials from the scrap shed to create sculptures in groups. They were then able to create their own sculptures using playdough.

What The Student Says

“I enjoyed making a sculpture with the things from the scrapshed.” Year 1 Pupil.

“I liked drawing my favourite statues.” Year 1 Pupil.

What skills were developed?

  • Children have been able to use a range of materials to creatively design and make products.
  • Children have developed sculptures using their own ideas, experiences and imagination.
  • They have looked at artists and their work, mainly Barbara Hepworth.

What The Teacher Says

“I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching this Art topic and seeing the children enjoy using different materials to create their own sculptures. I was very impressed with the childrens team work skills during their sculpture work. It has been lovely to learn about a local artist.” Miss Sunderland, 1LS teacher.