Year 5- DT- Frame Structures 

Project Overview

Year 5 have been very busy this last term learning about frame structures. Firstly, they looked at different types of frame structures and where they might be seen in the environment and looked at portable and permanent structures. Next, they explored learning about different types of joins and  fastenings using art straws. They then used this knowledge of fastening straws to have a go at making a simple 3d shape and frame structure. They also used spaghetti and marshmallows to create towers to hold the weight of a book or milk carton to test the structure’s strength. At this point we discussed how the children could make their structures stronger and introduced the word ‘triangulation’ – using triangles to give a structure strength. Following on from this research and exploration the children decided that they wanted to use their knowledge to create a temporary frame structure that could be designed and made into a bird hide to help improve the outdoor learning area. This would allow the product to have a real ‘purpose’ and ‘user’. 

What The Student Says

“I have loved making the frame structures and this idea to make a bird hide for the school grounds. It will be really good because the children at Clapgate can watch the birds without scaring them away. It was my best lesson when we went outside to build the bird hide structures using garden canes. I loved it!”

Year 5 child – 5AO

What skills were developed?

  • measuring
  • marking out
  • cutting
  • joining
  • shaping
  • finishing and decorative techniques
  • communication/team work
  • planning and following a design to make a product fit for purpose
  • investigating and evaluating frame structures
  • develop knowledge of how to strengthen, stiffen and reinforce a structure

What The Teacher Says

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about frame structures this term. They have worked together in pairs, individually and in small groups to overcome building challenges and fixing and joining techniques. They were really excited when they realised they could turn their knowledge of frame structures into designing and building real bird hides for the school outdoor learning area which would allow them to think about purpose and user. Amazing work year 5!

Miss Webster