Year 2- RE- How Can We Look After Our Planet?

Project Overview

In RE this half term we have been thinking about how we can look after our planet.

We thought about our favourite places and whether they were human or physical. We thought about the different things we could do to take care of our planet and thought about the importance of the three words:

  • reduce
  • reuse
  • recycle


We designed  our own posters to remind people of the different ways we can look after our planet. 

What The Student Says

“I liked this topic because it was fun and I liked talking about my favourite place which is the beach.” Year 2 Pupil

“I like learning about recycling and I enjoyed drawing different pictures. It helps me remember how to recycle.” Year 2 Pupil

“I like learning how to save the planet.” Year 2 Pupil

What skills were developed?

The children been able to consolidate their Geographical knowledge of human and physical features.

They have considered the ways in which religious and non religious individuals and organisations show care and concern for the world.

What The Teacher Says

It has been really enjoyable to see how much pleasure the children have taken from learning about how to look after their planet. I have enjoyed learning about their favourite places and watching them put their new found knowledge into practice.

Mrs Widdows, 2FW Class Teacher