Year 2- Writing- Far, far away, high, high above, a mysterious creature lived…

Project Overview

Year 2 have based their writing around the text of George and the Dragon by Chris Wormwell.  This is a fantasy story about a mysterious dragon that wants to capture a princess in her castle. By using our writing scheme, the Write Stuff, the children have really dug deep into their imagination and written incredibly detailed sentences about the dragon chasing and capturing it’s victims. 

What The Student Says

“When you do your writing lessons you actually gain knowledge. When I write about dragons, I feel they’re real and they’re in my imagination. That’s why I like writing. Because the dragons can breathe fire and some can breathe electric. I’ve got all that knowledge from George and the dragon.” – Year 2 student.

“We get to write about dragons. I really like the writing because of all the new words I learn.” – Year 2 student.

“I like to get know about dragons and we get to write a lot and we know a lot about dragons. They are scared of mice which is weird! Mice are supposed to be scared of dragons.” – Year 2 student.

What skills were developed?

  • Expanded noun phrases.
  • Repetition for effect.
  • Metaphors. 
  • Question sentence. 
  • Expanding vocabulary by collecting synonyms.
  • Extending sentences using ‘and’ or ‘because.’
  • Checking their work and self correcting errors.
  • Planning for a piece of independent writing.

What The Teacher Says

“Dragons have really captured the imagination of all children and they have really enjoyed flapping around the classroom looking for their next victim! They have been encouraged to use amazing vocabulary when describing the dragon’s appearance and fire breathing. Wonderful words from the children include mysterious, crumbling, camouflaged and petrified.”

Mrs Mason – 2SM Teacher