Year 6 – Virtual Art Gallery Trip

Project Overview

This half term, Year 6 were fortunate enough to have a virtual exhibition with Amanda and Leeds City Art Gallery. During this virtual trip, we became art detectives and explored the gallery and their new exhibition on sculpture. We then really focused our attention on Chris Drury’s sculpture ‘Medicine Wheel’ from 1982 and looked at how the piece was created within a year, and what pieces made up this whole wheel. We then took inspiration from this and created our own class medicine wheel inspired by our school grounds.

On the right is Chris Drury’s ‘Medicine Wheel’ from 1982. 

What The Student Says

” I really enjoyed the virtual exhibition with Leeds City Art Gallery! It was really fun!” – 6MB Student

“I loved making work outside and enjoying the sunshine.” – 6MB student

“It was really interesting to look at what sculpture is and what went into the ‘Medicine Wheel’. It was a really interesting piece of art. – 6MB student

What skills were developed?

  • Recording observations in sketchbooks
  • Drawing using a variety of materials (ink, charcoal, pen, pencil)
  • Creating mixed media art/sculpture with the surrounding natural elements
  • Using detective skills to learn about an artist and their inspiration and practice
  • How to listen and respond within a discussion about art and artists
  • Working collaboratively to create a collection of medicine wheels
  • Researching artists and creating work inspired by their work and processes

What The Teacher Says

We were so fortunate to have this experience with Leeds City Art Gallery and the children thoroughly enjoyed it! It was great to bring the gallery to them and explore the current sculpture exhibition and have Amanda give us some incredible information. We learnt so much and enjoyed creating our own work from it as well. I also feel like it was really great for the children to have a real stimulus to work from and the experience really engaged them. We learnt a new type of art we hadn’t looked at before and it really inspired some beautiful, natural pieces of art. Well done Year 6!

Miss Benson, 6MB teacher