Reception- Once Upon A Time

Project Overview

Our learning this half term has been based around the stories ‘The Three Horrid Pigs and the Big Friendly Wolf’ and ‘Beware of the Bears’.

We begun our learning by reading the traditional tale ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We then introduced the story ‘The Three Horrid Pigs and the Big Friendly Wolf’, and talked about the similarities and differences between the two stories. We discussed how the wolf wanted to help the pigs to build their homes, and that by the end of the story, he taught them the skills  build one ginormous home for everyone. This inspired us to use our imaginations and creative skills to build a house too. Using a variety of junk materials, we discussed and used different techniques, tools and materials to assemble the materials to make a house.

We also read the story ‘Beware of the Bears’ and noticed that the bears enjoyed eating porridge. Some of the children mentioned that they hadn’t eaten porridge before so we decided to make some porridge together. The children had to read the recipe together, carefully following each step. They had to use their knowledge of capacity to measure “1 full cup of water” and “a half-full cup of oats”. The children took it in turns to measure, pour and mix the ingredients together to make some delicious porridge. They used the Fantastics to talk about the changes they noticed when the ingredients were mixed together and then heated up, how the porridge smelt and how it tasted.  

What The Student Says

“I liked making my house for the pigs. My house was big. It had a tower on it.”- RSP Pupi

“It smells sweet and yummy. I love porridge!”- RSP Pupil

“I liked making the porridge because I loved it when it went in the microwave and it turned and it changed into porridge!” -RPJ Pupil

“The story was called Not a Box so I get a box and I make a house for my mum. I put paper for the window.“- RPJ Pupil

What skills were developed?

  • How to choose appropriate materials to achieve a planned effect
  • How to manipulate, join and assemble materials using different techniques such as: folding, cutting, gluing, making tabs, rolling and fringing
  • How to measure different ingredients using capacity
  • Speaking and listening skills to discuss the processes of making porridge and building houses
  • Fine motor development when using a variety of tools and resources 
  •  How to make predictions, test their ideas and observe changes in materials 

What The Teacher Says

“It was fantastic to see the children really carefully thinking about the materials they needed to use to build a house and how they were going to join them. It has also been great to see that the children have really embedded the skills they learnt when building their houses, and have been using them independently when making new creations in the creative area.” Miss Jasper, RPJ Class Teacher

 “I really enjoyed seeing how engaged the children were within this topic. The children loved reading the alternative versions of the traditional tales!” – Miss Procter, RSP Class Teacher