Year 4- Writing- The Plague 

Project Overview

We began this writing topic by looking at what a play script was. We discussed why we use the, when we use them and looked at the layout. The children were then given a play script to look at. I asked them to find different examples of features such as stage directions, character names and scene setting. The children did this with no direction and then we came back together as a class to share our findings. The children then acted out the play scripts. We listened to a audio clip from a series about The Plague. We stopped at various points to act it out. Children had several sessions learning about the Plague and the different symptoms. After all our experience days, the children then worked hard each day to create a different scene from the play using all the correct features. 

What The Student Says

“This topic was really exciting and I loved learning about something true that happened a long time ago. It was fun to learn about the different symptoms like the boils and the rashes. It made me enjoy writing everyday.” – 4LB pupil. 


“I think I did my best pieces of writing during this topic. I loved every single part of learning about the Plague.” – 4LB pupil. 

What skills were developed?

The children learnt how to accurately write a play script using the correct features. 

– The children rehearsed their sentences orally, progressively building a rich and varied vocabulary in their work. 

– The children created a variety of interesting settings, had consistent plots throughout the play script and built characters personalities and dialogue appropriately. 

– The children used a variety of writing features such as metaphors and similes. They also included appropriate stage directions that would impact the story and have an impact on the reader.

What The Teacher Says

“The children were excellent during this topic. They took themselves back in time and envisiged life during these horrible times. The children understood how times were different during the 1600’s and this shone through in their pieces of writing. All children shared excellent vocabulary and made each scene as exciting as the last. The children enjoyed the gore and devastation of the Plague and has empathy with all characters in their play script. All pieces of writing have been enthralling.” Miss Brennan – 4LB class teacher.