Year 4- French – Au Café

Project Overview

This half term, the children have been learning new vocabularly for food and drink to answer the question qu’est-ce que tu prends pour le petit déjeuner? which means what would you like for breakfast? The children started by learning the names for some common breakfast drinks, such as orange juice and coffee. They practiced saying these new phrases through repetition and games. They would ask each other “qu’est-ce que tu prends pour le petit déjeuner?” and respond with “je prends…” and one of the drinks they had learnt.

We then started to learn some food in French, like cereal and croissants. Again, children repeated the phrases, played games involving the phrases and also practiced writing them by labeling pictures. To practice all the skills they had learnt, we imagined we were in a French cafe for breakfast. They each had a menu and took part in a role play where they ordered food from a waiter who would then gather the correct items and return them to the customer. The children really enjoyed this and they are becoming much more confident in their pronunciation


What The Student Says

“I can’t believe I can actually order breakfast in French now!” -4EB pupil


“It’s been so much fun pretending to be a waiter and getting the food and drinks for people. I think I’m more confident with French now.”- 4EB pupil

What skills were developed?

The children built on the four skills involved in learning a foreign language:
-Listening: Children listened to the words and phrases initially and listened to their partners say the phrases.
-Speaking: Children began by saying the phrases as a whole class and built on this until they could confidently speak independently to order at the cafe!
-Reading: Children built on reading skills through the interactive online games and needed to read the items from the cafe menu.
-Writing: Children used writing to help them learn the phrases and associate them with the items.

What The Teacher Says

“I’ve really enjoyed teaching this topic! The children have been amazing and they have all been so enthusiastic about French. It’s been lovely to watch their confidence grow to the point where they were happy to hold conversations in French in our imaginary cafe. They have put so much effort in to this topic and they have been really supportive of each other. Sometimes, it can be really tricky to learn a new language and get the pronunciation right, and the children have all been super at helping each other and working together to build on their French skills!”

–  Miss Buxton, Year 4 teacher