Sculpture by Year 6

Project Overview

Year 6 have been looking at sculpture this half term and have focused on the work of Jill Townsley a British Artist whose work includes sculpture, installations, photography, drawing and animation. They looked at a piece of work entitled ‘Spoons’ which explores the destruction of structure and form. The plastic spoons and rubber bands build a shape and over time the sculpture collapses. The children worked in pairs to create their own abstract sculptures using plastic spoons and rubber bands. They created some very interesting structures. Next, they looked at an installation which uses straws. The children worked individually to create their own abstract sculptures using straws and had to be very precise in their placing of them. Finally, the children wanted to explore working on a large scale to create an abstract sculpture just like Jill Townsley. They worked outside in small groups to construct a sculpture with height and form using garden canes. Amazing work year6!  

What The Student Says

“In our first sculpture it was really difficult to attach the spoons together to make a freestanding structure. We had to keep changing the placement of spoons. In our straw sculpture it was difficult sometimes to get the straws to stick but I didn’t give up and I really like my finished piece.  I loved working outside on a big scale making a group sculpture.”

Year 6 child

What skills were developed?

  • measuring
  • fastening
  • arranging
  • considering composition and placement of objects
  • joining
  • sharing ideas when working with other children
  • considering height and form
  • create a freestanding sculpture
  • able to look at and discuss their own work and that of others
  • recognise sculptural forms in the environment and use these as inspiration for their own work

What The Teacher Says

“Year 6 have worked individually, in pairs and in small groups to create some interesting  abstract sculptures using every day materials. They had to consider what their finished sculpture would look like and overcome many fastening and fixing challenges to create their desired outcomes. Their final challenge was to create a large scale sculpture outside which they achieved! Well done year 6!”

Miss Webster