Fruit Kebabs

Project Overview

We have designed our own fruit kebabs. We thought about the importance of fruit in our diet. Whilst designing out kebabs we thought about the fruits we had available, the fruits we liked and other resources we would need. To make our fruit kebabs we had to use our cutting skills to ensure the fruit would go safely on to our skewers. After we had made and eaten our kebabs we evaluated them. Whilst evaluating them we discussed what we would do differently next time.

What The Student Says

“I enjoyed making and eating my healthy fruit kebab.” 1LS pupil. 

“It was a good afternoon. I liked my fruit.” 1LS pupil.

What skills were developed?

  • We designed purposeful and attractive fruit kebabs. 
  • We carefully used knives to cut our fruit. 
  • We evaluated our ideas. 
  • We talked about the importance of fruit in a healthy diet. 

What The Teacher Says

“I had a lovely afternoon exploring different fruits with the children and seeing them independently cut their fruit. I enjoyed listening to them talk about the fruits they liked and disliked and discussing their taste.” Miss Sunderland, 1LS Teacher.