Branching Databases

Project Overview

As a school we follow the scheme Purple Mash for computing. This half term, children have been learning about different types of data and how data is stored. We began this topic by recapping how to use the internet safely and what it means when data is confidential. Children have learned that data is information that comes in many different forms, from images and text to numbers and graphs. We have focused specifically on branching databases, and how they can be used to classify information in order to make it more easily accessible – particularly by using simple ‘yes or no’ questions. The children thoroughly enjoyed creating their own sorting games and branching databases on a topic of their choice. 

What The Student Says

” I love having laptops in school, because it is fun. I like Purple Mash and playing games. ” – 3EC child

”It was fun making our own data branch quiz. I enjoyed creating my own questions and changing the pictures.”- 3EC child

” It was fun playing a group game of ‘yes or no’. I knew it was an apple that Miss Naughton was thinking of. ”- 3EC child

What skills were developed?

  • To be able to classify data using ‘yes or no’ questions.
  • To understand how ‘yes or no’ questions are structured and answered.
  • To be able to choose a suitable topic for a branching database.
  • To be able to select and save appropriate images relating to their chosen topic.
  • To independently create a branching database.
  • To understand how to effectively use and debug a branching database.

What The Teacher Says

“I thoroughly enjoyed teaching this module and to see how excited children were to create their own games and branching databases. The practical element of sorting and classifying different fruits and vegetables at the beginning of the module really engaged children and made them eager to learn about data and databases. The children are now confident in their abilities to use computers safely and responsibly and also understand that data can be sorted in different ways and on different devices.” – Miss Naughton, 3EC Trainee Teacher