Nursery – Sunshine Street

Project Overview

This half term, the children in Nursery have been a part of the ‘Shine’ project. This project has created a partnership between ‘Alive and Kicking’ and Clapgate Nursery to involve the children in weekly drama sessions. Through these sessions, the residents of ‘Sunshine Street’ have taken the children high in the sky, deep down in the jungle and sliding across the ice in Antarctica. Within each session, the children have been introduced to new vocabulary, experiences and given problems to solve using their ideas. The sessions have encouraged the children to mark make by drawing pictures of the animals they have heard in the jungle, recording their ideas about how Edward could get out of the swamp he is stuck in and draw ways in which they could break the ice and catch some fish to eat. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this learning and can wait to find out where they will be going next as the adventure continues. 

What The Student Says

What skills were developed?

Within these lessons, the children have been learning to:

  • Listens to others in a small group
  • To have the confidence to share their ideas within a small group
  • To begin to solve problems, respond to ideas expressed by others and be able to explain their thinking
  • To begin to ask ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions
  • To show an interest in the world around them talking about things they have observed and noticed about different environments, animals and things they have found
  • To build up a vocabulary that reflects a breadth of experiences
  • To record their ideas and ascribe meaning to the marks they make
  • Children are learning to engage in imaginative role-play creating a narrative around the same theme as others

What The Teacher Says

“It has been incredible to see all the children’s confidence grow across each of the ‘Sunshine Street’ session. Even quieter members of the class are now joining in with actions and beginning to share their ideas. The ideas some of the children have shared have been fantastic and I love observing their drive to solve the problems they are given.”

 – Mrs Smith, Nursery Class Teacher


“I have loved working with the Nursery children. They are full of enthusiasm, imagination and fun. I like that they are super helpers with lots of great ideas, expressing themselves through dramatic play. Their confidence, communication and language skills are developing week on week. Thank you and well done from everyone on Sunshine Street.”

-Lisa Miller, Alive and Kicking