Design Technolody – Textiles – Puppet Making

Project Overview

This half term we have been working on designing and making our own monster puppets.  

First of all, we looked at different types of puppets and sketched out ideas that we liked.  Then, we designed our own puppets, thinking about colours, features and style.  After practising running stitch and over stitch, we then drew round a template and carefully cut out the front and back pieces as well as features such as horns, spots, teeth and eyes.  Finally, we used running stitch to sew the features on and joined the front and back pieces together.  We used our end products to act out a puppet show! 

What The Student Says

“I like running stitch and overstitch because they are hard but I managed to do both of them.” –  2SM Pupil

“I liked drawing my puppet and cutting it out.” – 2SM Pupil

“Since I got introduced to sewing, I love it!  My puppet is a monster but it looks like a lizard.” – 2SM Pupil.

What skills were developed?

We developed a range of skills during this unit of work including:

  • generating, developing and communicating ideas in discussion, through exploring pictures and designs and when planning.
  • joining textiles using different sewing techniques.
  • drawing round templates and cutting fabric.
  • exploring different finishing techniques, including sewing small parts.
  • evaluating the end product and considering improvements and changes.


What The Teacher Says

” I have really admired the children’s resilience and perseverance when working on this unit of work.  Whenever they found something challenging, they did not give in!  

The children thought carefully and realistically about their designs, and they spent time considering what they could achieve.  

Their sewing skills developed well  – they appreciated the chance to practise on strips of felt before they started on their final product.

The completed monster puppets are delightful!  They are so creative and each one is unique. 

I’m very proud of my super star sewing students!”