Year 2 – Science – Plants

Project Overview

In Science this half term we have been learning about plants.

We have identified different plants in our school grounds and learnt that they grow from seeds and bulbs. We have grown our own bean plants and watched them germinate. We know that plants need sunlight and water to grow well and we have learnt about the functions of the different parts of a plant. We took real plants and dissected them to investigate the different parts.

What The Student Says

“I liked it because I liked peeling the different parts of the plant off.” 2FW Pupil

“I liked it because you get to see the different bits of the plant. You get to touch them and see what they feel like too.” 2FW Pupil

What skills were developed?

  • Observing closely using magnifying glasses to look at the structure of different seeds and bulbs
  • The children carried out comparative and fair tests to find out which conditions a plant needed to grow 
  • Gathering and recording their observations
  • Use their ideas to suggest answers to questions

What The Teacher Says

“The children have enjoyed learning about plants and what they need to grow. They carried out an experiment to find out the best conditions for plants to grow and were fascinated to see the results. 

It was lovely for them to investigate and observe real flowers.”

Mrs Widdows, 2FW Class Teacher