Year 5- Dance workshops

Project Overview

As part of the Year 5 PE curriculum we provided the children with 2 dance workshops this half term. These workshops provided the children with some knowledge of the history of dance, and its cultural impact on the world. The children were given the opportunity to reflect on different styles of dance, influenced by different cultures and both national and international histories.

The children  were able to have a go at a range of dances such as hip-hop, afro-fusion and Latin dancing. This provided the children with the opportunity to compare and contrast different dance styles.

During the workshops the children were given the opportunity to demonstrate the skills required to perform a dance e.g. balance and co-ordination. They were able to work independently and as part of a group to perform to a piece of music. They also  found out about different styles of dance and their features.

What The Student Says

” I didn’t really know what to think when my teacher said that we were going to be dancing in PE as it’s not something our class has done before. But really liked the music that the dance teacher played and it made the dancing much more fun. We did lots of different moves to some really good music. I didn’t know that dancing could be so fun!”

Pupil from 5NW

” I really loved the workshops! The music was so cool and it just made me want to dance. I found the afro-fusion workshop easier than the Latin one. There was a lots of things to do at th same time and your feet had to move really fast. The afro-fusion was most fun because of the music.”

Pupil from 5AO.  

What skills were developed?

  • Using free space  effectively. 
  • Using basic travelling movements whilst moving into a free space. 
  • Using movements of Afro-Fusion and Latin origin, demonstrating clear dynamics. 
  • Linking movement together to form a dance routine. 
  • Understanding the importance of warming up before dancing. 
  • Understanding the importance of stretching after dancing. 
  • Talking about types of dance and the music that accompanies them. 

What The Teacher Says

“The children thoroughly enjoyed both dance workshops. All children were engaged from start to finish. They all had great big smiles on their faces and tried their very best. I felt very proud of the children during these workshops as it did push many of them out of their comfort zones. The children demonstrated a good sense of rhythm and co-ordination. Well done year 5!”

Miss Wood