Textiles by Year 3

Project Overview

The children in year 3 have been learning about textiles this half term. They designed and made either a bookmark or a pencil case. They explored their ideas for design, in their design and technology books and thought about the purpose and user of their product. The children practised using running stitch on a small piece of binca before beginning their bookmark or pencil case. They also had to practise threading their needle and making a knot in the end of their thread. For the children who made a pencil case they had to learn how to make a template on paper and use this to create a design on their fabric. Similarly , they had to learn how to pin smaller pieces of fabric to their design and sew a button. Well done everyone!

What The Student Says

I really like my pencil case. It has turned out well. I am proud that I did it all by myself! I can’t wait to take it home so I can fill it with pencils and pens.”

“I love my bookmark. It is colourful with all of the different threads. It will be great to use in my book when I am reading at home.”

Year 3 children

What skills were developed?

  • following their design
  • threading a needle
  • making a knot in their thread
  • sewing accurately with stitches of the same size
  • unpicking their mistakes
  • making a template from paper to create a fabric shape
  • sewing a button
  • cutting a slit in a marked place
  • becoming proficient in using running stitch
  • cutting fabric to the right size and shape
  • measuring the product  so it is fit for purpose

What The Teacher Says

“The children in year 3 have all worked really hard to create either a bookmark or a pencil case. The children have become resilient and have persevered when learning to thread their needles and tie knots in their thread. It has been great to see so many children helping each other along the way. The pencil cases and bookmarks look brilliant and I know there are some children who are desperate to be able to start using them. Well done year 3!”

Miss Webster