Roman Britain

Project Overview

Throughout the Summer term, year 3 have been learning about Roman Britain. So far, being able to focus on Roman Britain has allowed us to imagine how and why we live as we do today. The children have been on a journey from Italia to Britannia. They created maps of the Roman Empire and watched as it expanded across Europe and North Africa. The children then met the different emperors and their armies who attempted to conquer our land now known as England. From here, they learned about Boudicca and her attempts to override the Roman army. As they continue into the Summer term, the children will begin to look at what life was life was like for the people living in Roman Britain and how these changes influence our life today. 

What The Student Says

“I like to learn about Romans because I like history. I also like learning about Romans because I like swords, armour and gladiators.” Year 3 pupil.

“The Romans were very good at fighting and building. They ate gross things! They were good at fighting tribes like the Celts and taking people as slaves.” Year 3 pupil.

What skills were developed?

Pupils have:

  • begin to gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past
  • asked and answered questions about Roman Britain
  • understood the complexity of people’s lives in Roman Britain and the process of change they experienced
  • continued to develop their chronological knowledge of the history of Britain

What The Teacher Says

“The Romans are one of my favourite topics to teach. I love the drama that they bring to the classroom. There are so many fantastic stories from epic battles to corrupt emperors. It is the perfect topic to prove that history can be fun. The children have produced some fantastic work including a story board showing the attempts to conquer Britain, forming Roman formations, a persuasive text to encourage Boudicca to go to war and next they will be filming their own news report. I am really happy that the children have enjoyed learning about the Romans as much as I love teaching it.” Miss Jones, 3CJ Class Teacher.