Year 4 – PSHE – Healthy relationships 

Project Overview

This topic covered a wide range of aspects when it comes to healthy relationships. We looked at jealousy, grief, family, friendship and relationships as we get older. The children started off by looking at jealousy and the different ways people show how they are jealous. We had lots of scenario cards that the children discussed in groups. Children then moved onto grief and in particular how we can remember those who we have lost. The children were introduced to a memory box and we discussed what they would put in their memory box to remember important people. Finally, we moved onto friendships and fall outs. The children discussed how it is okay to have fall outs but it is the way we overcome them and the words or actions we choose. 

What The Student Says

” I enjoy PSHE because we get to be open and honest about our emotions and stories. I also like that we can pass if we don’t want to talk about something. ” – 4LB pupil.

” This topic was interesting. We did a lot of talking about our different friendship groups and that it is okay to have more than one friend. I also learnt how to react to falling out with my friends.” – 4LB pupil.

What skills were developed?

  • The children learnt to identify feelings associated with jealousy and suggest strategies to problem – solve when it happens to them. 
  • They learnt to sympathise with people when they have lost a loved one or something they love. 
  • We then moved on to recognising how friendships can change particularly making new friends or managing emotions when they have fallen out with someone. 
  • We finished on understanding how to show love and appreciation to people and animals. 

What The Teacher Says

” I am always so impressed with how mature the children are in PSHE lessons. We cover some challenging topics and the children understand that they can discuss anything they feel is relevant in these lessons. I feel as though the children gained a lot from this topic in terms of understanding what a healthy friendship looks like and how to behave around others. This topic was conversation heavy and we worked on our communication skills. It was lovely to hear what the children’s understanding of a healthy relationship should be.” – Miss Brennan – 4LB Class Teacher.