Year 5 – Outdoor Learning

Project Overview

This half term, we have enjoyed taking part in a variety of outdoor learning activities. From goat keeping to lighting a campfire – the children have been fully immersed with the outdoors.  The children were given opportunities to develop multiple skills including team work and communication. 

Whilst some activities were adventurous, the children really enjoyed calming down with cloud watching and outdoor meditation tasks. They were able to take a break from the busyness of the school day and enjoy some time to reflect.

At the campfire, the children were able to practice setting up and lighting their own fires – although the weather made this a challenge! We then tucked into some toasted marshmallows and hot chocolates. 

Over the half term, we were also responsible for looking after the school goats Pedro and Pablo. The children enjoyed feeding, brushing and playing with them.

What The Student Says

“Cloud watching was very relaxing because you got to lay down and look at the sky and it helped block out all other noises around you.”

Pupil from Year 5

“The campfire was really good because we got marshmallows and hot chocolates and were able to make our own fires. Next time we will do it when it is warmer so the sticks aren’t so wet.”

Pupil from Year 5 

What skills were developed?

  • Effective communication
  • Fire safety
  • How to identify dangers in the ‘real’ world
  • Using their initiatives to problem solve
  • Being adaptable to changes in the school environment
  • Using their imagination during meditative tasks
  • Confidence with being around animals 

What The Teacher Says

“Opportunities for outdoor learning have provided children with a great set of skills and talents that will help them throughout their lives. They have shown respect towards their surroundings and understand the importance of looking after the school areas such as the goat pen and chicken hut. The children have shown great enthusiasm and engagement in all aspects of our outdoor learning this half term.”

Miss O’Connell