Ancient Egypt

This half term, the children have been learning all about Ancient Egypt! 

We were very lucky and we had the chance to work with a drama company, Alive and Kicking. Through our drama work, we met a pharaoh who demanded a pyramid was built for his father. The children became Canaanites who were given the job of building the pyramid. They investigated how people traded in the past, made a human timeline to show how long ago these events happened and acted out the building of a huge pyramid!

We also looked at Egyptian Gods and made masks to represent some of the Gods. The Canaanites then gave the pharaoh a nightmare so he would let them return to their home!

In other lessons, we learnt about the mummification process and had a go and mummifying a tomato. The children had to scoop out the ‘organs’, wash the ‘body,  and then fill it full of natron and leave it. 

What The Student Says

“Ancient Egypt has been my favourite topic in history!” -4EB pupil

“Ancient Egypt has been really fun to learn about and has inspired me to learn more about it at home.” 4EB pupil

“I really liked learning about mummification and how they pulled the brain out through the nose.”- 4LB pupil

What skills were developed?

The children used lots of important history skills during this topic.

-They evaluated sources of information and discussed how some things may not actually be true.

-They looked at timelines and drew their own to show when events happened and developed their knowledge of chronology.

-They learnt lots of information about Ancient Egypt and used this to answer questions.


What The Teacher Says

“This has been such a fun topic to teach! The children have really loved it and have been so engaged for the whole half term. They have all asked really interesting questions and have really thought about how life was different in the past compared to now.

I think my favourite part was definitely when the children mummified the tomatoes.”  -Miss Buxton, Year 4 teacher.