Painting by Year 4

Project Overview

This half term year 4 have been developing their painting skills. They have learnt how to mix shades of a colour by adding black to a hue and creating a shade scale. Next, they learnt how to create a tint by adding white to a hue. Finally, they looked at ‘value’ in a piece of art. To help them understand the process of colour mixing , the children focused on the work of Northern Artist, L.S.Lowry. They spent time looking at his paintings of industrial Manchester. They discussed his use of colour, noticeably , his use of a limited palette. The children created their own interpretations of mills and factories using a limited palette. Finally, they added fine details using a combination of chalk and oil pastels. 

What The Student Says

“I really enjoyed learning how to mix colours. It was amazing how many shades of a colour I could make by adding black. I liked looking at Lowry’s paintings and the colours he used. His paintings showed real life. I like how my buildings turned out”.

Year 4 pupil

What skills were developed?

  • Recognising and using primary and secondary colours
  • Creating a shade of a hue by adding a small amount of black
  • Creating a tint of a colour by adding small amounts of white
  • Knowing and understanding what ‘value’ is in a painting
  • Applying the correct amount of paint and water to their brush and paper
  • Mixing paint colours accurately
  • Being able to talk about what they can see in a picture with confidence
  • Recognising the work of L.S.Lowry through his style of painting
  • Working into their painting using other materials

What The Teacher Says

” The children worked really hard to develop their colour mixing skills and become more accurate at creating shades and tints of a colour. They enjoyed learning about the life of L.S. Lowry and his paintings. They listened to Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs while painting. The industrial buildings that the children created look fantastic! Adding the final details with chalk and oil pastels was the perfect finishing touch to their paintings.Well done Year 4!”

Miss Webster