Project Overview

Year 1 have explored the terms “heavier than”, “lighter than” and “as heavy as”. We have thought about what these terms mean and used our balance scales to look at this practically. We then move moved on to measure the mass of an object using multilink cubes as a unit. The children discussed how many units their objects weighed.

What The Student Says

“It is lots of fun using the scales in maths Miss Sunderland.” 1LS Pupil.

“We have learnt how to measure whether things are heavier than or lighter than another object but this can change if you measure an object against a different object.” 1LS Pupil.

What skills were developed?

  • We have compared and described the mass and weight of different objects.
  • We can confidently use the phrases “heavier than”, “lighter than” and “as heavy as” when comparing the weight of objects.

What The Teacher Says

“I have enjoyed watching the children explore the balance scales and work together in a group to find out the right number of units for the object they were weighing. I am really proud of how well they worked together.” Miss Sunderland, 1LS class teacher.