Painting by year 2

Project Overview

This half term year 2 have been brushing up on their painting skills and colour mixing knowledge while learning about the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. The children have looked at examples of his paintings, in particular, ‘Squares with concentric circles’. They practised using primary colours to make  secondary and tertiary colours on a colour wheel. They used this knowledge next to create their own concentric circles using their colour mixing skills. Well done year 2!

What The Student Says

“I really liked making circles with my paint brush. The colour mixing was good. I can make secondary colours purple, orange and green by mixing primary colours. I had to be careful and make sure I mixed enough paint in my palette and not use too much water on paint brush.”

Year 2 child

What skills were developed?

  • recognising primary colours
  • recognising secondary colours
  • making secondary colours by mixing primary colours
  • recognising and making tertiary colours by mixing primary and secondary colours together
  • applying the correct amount of paint
  • mixing colours accurately
  • learning not to have too much water on their paint brush
  • creating an interesting composition using shape and colour

What The Teacher Says

“The children in year 2 have really enjoyed learning to mix colours accurately. They loved learning about the life of Wassily Kandinsky and were able to comment on his art work confidently. They painted concentric circles using primary and secondary colours. The children had to remember to apply the right amount of paint to their brush, mix their colours accurately and not use too much water on their brush. Well done year 2!”

Miss Webster