Moving Toys by year 5

Project Overview

In Design and Technology year 5 have been learning about mechanisms and they  made their own moving toy. The children worked in pairs to create a carousel. They looked at different examples of fairground rides and planned their carousel design in their Design and Technology project book. They considered the materials and equipment needed for their carousel and had to learn lots of new skills to be able to build a moving ride. Finally, the children decorated their carousels to make them look bright and colourful just like a real fairground ride. Amazing work year 5!

What The Student Says

 “I really enjoyed making my carousel with my group. It was hard work at times as there were lots of tricky bits to do. I have definitely learnt lots of new skills, like using a hand saw to cut wood and fixing and measuring carefully. We are really happy with our finished carousel!”

Year 5 child

What skills were developed?

  •  following their design
  • measuring accurately
  • cutting with a hand saw safely
  • fixing wood together using glue
  • assembling components following their design
  • building an electrical circuit and applying their science knowledge to enable the carousel to move
  • testing their ideas and applying them

What The Teacher Says

“The children in year 5 have worked incredibly hard from start to finish on their moving toys. The carousels look amazing but more importantly they move and spin round! The children have had to be resilient because at times it was difficult but they have all learnt new skills and worked together to create a brilliant product that works. Amazing work year 5. I am very proud of you all!”

Miss Webster