Diversity Week: Elmer’s Jungle

Project Overview

During Diversity Week, Y6 enjoyed a range of lessons that celebrated the differences between all of us and what makes us unique.

The children found our learning about clothing items fascinating and were inspiring when debating the rights of anyone to where anything.

They also loved creating unique and colourful jungle collages for Elmer. You can see just how unique each and every one of them is, just like each of us!

What The Student Says

“I used lots of colours to show how differences are beautiful.”

“Everyone should be able to wear anything. We can choose how we dress and no-one should decide for us.”

“Elmer is unique like all of us. I love all the bright colours and strange shapes. All our jungles are different too like us.”

What skills were developed?

The pupils learnt to celebrate differences through our lessons during Diversity Week.

PSHE Learning Intentions:

  • Understand that there are different perceptions about what normal means.
  • Understand how being different could affect someone’s life.
  • Explain ways in which difference can be a source of conflict and a cause for celebration.

What The Teacher Says

“The children’s enthusiasm and strong sense of identity was impressive in these sessions. Pupils really engaged with the stimulus of Elmer the elephant and were able to relate themes in the story to real life.

I was particularly impressed with how much the children were willing to share in order to help other members of the class understand how they feel they are different to others. Our discussion on what ‘normal’ is was insightful and showed just how thoughtful our pupils are at Clapgate.”