Outdoor Learning 

Project Overview

We recognise the importance of outdoor play in Nursery. We know that there is a freedom that children feel when they are outside which sparks their imagination and creates a sense of awe and wonder. 

This half term we have explored painting outside, forest school activities and played parachute games with our friends. We have made cakes in our mud kitchen and explored ice. 

What The Student Says

“I love my magic fairy wand, I want to take it home to turn my mummy into a princess.”

“Look at my mud cake, do you want a piece? I can share it with you.”

“This parachute is the best thing ever. I love all the colours.”

“Look, I was painting my mummy and the red paint and white paint mixed up and now I have pink and that’s mummy’s favourite colour.”

What skills were developed?

Children who play outdoors are increasingly likely to continue participating in outdoor activities such as walking, climbing and running as they get older so exposure at a young age is key to supporting a healthy lifestyle. 

Being outdoors encourages our children to take risk and develops their problem solving abilities. 

Team work and social skills are developed through the use of carefully planned outdoor learning opportunities . This inturn encourages children to talk to their friends about what they are doing and ask questions. 



What The Teacher Says

“Supporting the children to  learn outside is a privilege. Their imagination is incredible and to see children supporting each other to build a bridge, paint a picture or make a mud pie is wonderful. The language used by children outdoors is purposeful. Being outside with the children is one of my favourite places to be!” 
Mrs Lawton