Why are Gurus at the heart of Sikh belief and practice?

Project Overview

The children have started off by learning about what the Sikh religion is and what they believe in. The children first learnt what a Guru was and how it means teacher. The children then learnt about Guru Nanak and what he did for his followers. The children then went and looked at what Sikhs believe in and the rules that they follow. They listened to various stories about other key members of the religion and linked ideas across the half term. The children then understand what key qualities a Guru needs and the impact they would have on their followers. 

What The Student Says

“I now understand what qualities you need to be a good teacher and leader” – 4LB Pupil. 

“It was so interesting listening to stories from other religions.” – 4LB Pupil.

“I think that some of the beliefs in the Sikh religion are rules that everyone should try and follow every day.” – 4LB Pupil.

What skills were developed?

  • Children reflected on experiences of their own teachers.
  • They understood the term Guru as a spiritual leader. 
  • They understood the significance of Nanak’s enlightenment.
  • They understood the place of worship and it’s significance. 

What The Teacher Says

“The children have really enjoyed this topic this half term. They have gained so much knowledge about the religion and often transfer their understanding across each lesson. The children have loved listening to the different stories and understanding the morals behind them. I have enjoyed teaching this particular topic as I felt it was extremely beneficial for the children to understand the qualities needed for a good leader.” Miss Brennan – Year 4 teacher.