Counting to 10

Project Overview

During our first couple of weeks in year 1 we have been revisiting numbers to 10. We have practised counting forwards and backwards within 10 and have started and stopped at given numbers. We have been following the Maths No Problem guidance. We have been comparing groups of objects within 10, saying which has more or less. We have been representing numbers in different ways using practical equipment, the numeral and the word. We enjoy working with our partner to talk about our ideas. 

What The Student Says

“I really enjoyed starting maths in year 1 and learning numbers to 10 again.” 1LS child.

“I really enjoy working with my partner and talking about our ideas. We can learn from each other.” 1LS child. 

“It is easy to find the words if you use your phonics. Finding the numbers is easy because we know them from reception.” 1LS child




What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • Counted forwards and backwards within 10
  • They have read and written numbers 1-10 in both numerals and words
  • They have identified one more and one less than a given number
  • Used the language of “more than” and “less than” to compare groups of objects

What The Teacher Says

The children have really impressed me with their mathematical knowledge. They have demonstrated an excellent understanding of numbers to 10 and are keen to learn. I have enjoyed watching the children working with their partners to solves problems and show their ideas. It is nice to see the children teaching their peers things.

Miss Sunderland. 1LS class teacher.