Nursery-Settling In

Project Overview

Nursery has been an exciting place this half term with lots of new children joining us. The children have been settling in, making friends, exploring provision and learning all about their new daily routine. The children have shown particular interest in role-playing in the home corner, exploring the movement area, transport vehicles, learning to use the remote control car, cooking in the mud kitchen and the challenge of negotiating the climbing frame. The children have particularly enjoyed listening to the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ and joining in with repeated phrases such as “I am too busy.”  As well as the story ‘My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh’ which introduced the children to a focus on pattern, matching and noticing similarities and differences. During the second half of this term, we have focused on getting to know each other and finding out what makes each of them ‘Super, Duper.’ This has lead to children sharing what they love about themselves and their achievements and sharing photos of their families. 

What The Student Says

“I like playing with the Merida dress and my friends and I play playdough and I can sing really good.”-Nursery Child 

“I like drawing, I drawing a apple because they are my favourite to eat. ” Nursery Child
“I play trains.”- Nursery Child
“I be Batman and I run really fast.”-Nursery 

What skills were developed?

This half term in Nursery, we have been focusing on the children’s PSED development. Children have learnt all about their daily routines and how to use the resources within their classroom. The children have learnt how to self-regulate emotions when separating from their adults and understand that they will be back to collect them at the end of the day. Children have also been developing social skills, building new relationships with their peers and the grown-ups working in their classrooms. We have also had a focus on developing turn-taking skills through playing games such as pairs.

What The Teacher Says

It has been fantastic to meet all the children. We are proud of how they have settled and are confidently exploring the different areas of provision. The children have especially enjoyed exploring the outdoor areas of the wider school provision.

 We have loved playing with the children.  They have particularly enjoyed playing turn-taking games such as pairs. It has been amazing to see the children now begin to play these games independently with their friends.   We have loved seeing all the family pictures and learning about the different interests the children have.   

Class Teachers-E. Smith and  S. Lawton