Forces and Friction

Project Overview

In Year 3 this half term we have been learning about forces. We have learnt that a force is either a push or a pull and that it changes the shape or an object, causes an object to move, slow down or stop.

We made our own Big Bad Wolf and thought about the different forces we used to mould the playdough.

We have learnt about that friction is a resistance force and investigated the effect of friction on the movement of a car.

What The Student Says

“I enjoyed making the wolf and talking about the different forces I used.” 3FW child

“There was less friction on the table as it is a smoother surface.” 3FW child 

“I liked going outside and testing the different surfaces.” – 3FW child

“There are lots of different forces. I know that a force is a push or a pull.” 3FW child

What skills were developed?

The children have developed their scientific enquiry skills by:

  • asking questions about what was happening
  • making predictions about the effect of friction on the movement of the car
  • measuring carefully using a ruler
  • recording the results of their investigation
  • evaluating their investigation and thinking about what they might change if they were to repeat it

What The Teacher Says

Over the last half term, I have really enjoyed watching the children develop their love of science. The children have learnt lots of new information and understand what a force does. The children enjoyed taking their learning outdoors and they worked well as a team to carry out their investigation. They made sensible predictions and worked carefully to ensure they carried out a fair test. 

Mrs Widdows. 3FW Class Teacher