Reception- Ourselves, Our Family and Our Community 

Project Overview

In Reception this half term we have been learning all about ourselves, our families and our community. At the beginning of the half term we focused lots on ourselves and our emotions as we settled into our new classroom environment. We have spent lots of time learning how to effectively access each area in the class and we have thoroughly enjoyed exploring these areas independently. When learning about ourselves we labelled our bodies and senses, painted our faces and shared our likes and dislikes with our friends using the FANTASTIC lenses. Following this we moved onto to learning about our families. We  each brought in a photograph of our family, and we enjoyed sharing these with our friends. During our discussions, we thought about which people are a part of our family and what makes our family special. After this, we had a go at drawing a picture of our family using only black pen. This allowed us to think more about the shapes we were drawing and the detail we were adding, rather than the colours we were using.  Our drawings look super on our class family tree!

When learning about our community, we started off by learning about where we live in the world. To do this we used a range of maps, globes and Google Earth. We zoomed into the UK, Leeds and Belle Isle. We loved picking out the things we noticed within our local environment. To deepen our learning we went on a visit to our local library. Before attending the library,  we carefully planned out our route using a map and thought about the safest way to get there.  What super learning Reception!

What The Student Says

“I liked showing my Mummy and Daddy to my friends”- RPB child

“I am excited to go to the Library, I love reading books!”- RPB child 

“I enjoyed painting my face and putting on my long hair”- RLK child

“I enjoyed drawing my family” – RLK child
“We were painting our faces and we looked in the mirrors to see what we looked like” – RPB child
“I looked in the mirror and painted my hair brown because I have brown hair” – RLK child
“I drew my mum, dad and Jasmine” – RPB child

What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • learnt to play co-cooperatively with one another 
  • begun learning how to use the correct pencil/ brush grip 
  • learnt how to use shapes when drawing/ painting to represent things they have observed 
  • begun to understand the daily routines of Reception
  • used stories to learn how to talk about their emotions 
  • practiced speaking in full sentences when talking about familiar experiences 
  • noticed  similarities and differences in regards themselves and their friends
  • followed instructions carefully 
  • planned their route to the local library using a map
  • learnt about where they live and what makes up their community 
  • learnt how to accurately create simple representations of faces and people

What The Teacher Says

Over the last half term I have loved seeing how well the children have settled into the daily life in Reception. I am so proud of how quickly all of our children have adjusted to full time school! It has been great to see the children interacting with one another in their play and it has been a pleasure seeing their friendships blossom.

The children have learnt lots of new information about themselves and their community. A highlight of my half term has been taking the children on our class trip to the local library. The children behaved brilliantly and were a real credit to our school!


 – Miss Procter, Reception Class Teacher