Mark Making by Year 3

Project Overview

Year 3 have been exploring mark making in art this half term. Their work has been closely linked to the history topic the Stone Age. The children have travelled back in time thousands of years ago and have read the story of The Lion Man and been ‘hunter gatherers’ foraging for natural objects (stones and twigs) in the school grounds to make marks on the playground floor. They also collected natural objects ( leaves, grass, soil, berries) from outside to make paint  pigments with back in the art room. The children tried adding water to their pigments to make them move across the surface of the paper more easily. The children used charcoal and chalks to create marks too and created their own Stone Age inspired part of a cave wall. They used the playground floor as a surface for their mark making to help them understand what it would have been like to draw on a cave wall thousands of years ago. 

What The Student Says

“I loved being outside collecting our things for art. It was quite hard to draw using stones and sticks. I had to press on hard to make a mark on the playground floor !”

“It was fun to make our own paints using leaves, grass and berries. I liked squashing them and dipping my fingers in. It went all over my hands and I could make lots of marks.”

” It was great to crush the charcoal and chalks and draw on paper  outside in the playground. The bumps from the playground floor came through on my paper. I liked making positive and negative hand prints.”

Year 3 children.



What skills were developed?

The children have: 

  • Experimented with various drawing tools
  • Used their sketchbook to document and develop ideas
  • Draw from observation and imagination
  • Use appropriate language to discuss their work and that of others
  •  Experiment with drawing on different surfaces
  • Create a final piece using their ideas

What The Teacher Says

The children in Year 3 have really enjoyed mark making and learning about the Stone Age. They have been involved in lots of active and outdoor learning. They have explored using different drawing tools as well as working on different surfaces like the playground floor.  The children were able to select the appropriate tools for creating their final piece and use them to their best effect. Well done year 3!