Textiles – weaving by year 1

Project Overview

 Year 1 have been learning about textiles this half term. They have explored different fabrics by touch and described how they felt using words like rough, soft, smooth, silky, itchy, hard etc. Next, they looked at some different types of weaving and learnt new vocabulary – loom, warp and weft. The children had a go at paper weaving. They had to use separate pieces of coloured paper to weave in and out of their loom. They were then challenged to see if they could use only two colours and create a repeating pattern on their second paper loom. We then looked at how weaving can be done using lots of different materials like paper, fabric, wool and natural items gathered from outside. In small groups the children collected natural grasses and leaves and used them to weave on a natural loom.  The children then had a go at selecting fabric strips of their choice to create a small weaving. Finally, the children have used thick yarns of different colours to create their final piece. 

What The Student Says

“I love weaving with paper. It was tricky at first. I went wrong a few times but I managed to finish my loom.”

” I liked being outside collecting things to weave with. I didn’t realise you can weave with grass and leaves!”

“I loved weaving with wool. I had to remember to pull the wool all the way through and squash it down.”

“It was good to do a repeating pattern!”

1LS children


What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • developed their communication and language skills
  • developed their observational skills 
  • made predictions
  • noticed  similarities and differences in regards to living things and their environment 
  • followed instructions carefully 
  • cared for a variety of living things
  • developed their ability to explain why some things occur
  • developed the ability to talk about changes 

What The Teacher Says

“The children in year 1 have really enjoyed weaving this half term and learning about textiles. They have used lots of fine motor skills to develop their weaving projects. They have enjoyed using a variety of materials to weave with in particular the natural , collected items from outside. I have been amazed by what their little fingers have achieved! Well done Year 1!”

Miss Webster