Art – weaving with textiles

Project Overview

This half term the children in year 1 have been learning about textiles and  how to weave. We discussed what textiles, materials and fabrics are and they had the opportunity to feel and describe different fabrics. Next, the children looked at how fabrics and yarns are used to weave. They looked at some different examples of weaving from local history. The children used these to inspire their paper weaving. To begin with they weaved random coloured strips of paper  and then they had a go at creating a repeating pattern with their loom, warp and weft. Next, the children looked at examples of weaving that had been done using natural objects. They were encouraged to go and find grasses and leaves and used them to weave. Next,  the children used fabric strips to weave with creating their own patterns. Finally, the children used wool to weave with to create their final piece.

What The Student Says

“I loved it when we got to weave using paper strips. It was quite hard to do at first but I got better!”  Y1 child

“I really enjoyed going outside looking for leaves and grasses to weave with.”

Y1 child

” The more you weave , the easier it gets.”

Y1 child

“I loved weaving with wool! I think it looks great!”

Y1 child

What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • learnt the skill of how to weave
  • have been able to talk about their choices of materials
  • have used their observational skills
  • can  comment on their work and that of others
  • the children have learnt how to make a repeating pattern in weaving

What The Teacher Says

“The children have amazed me with their weaving skills. Their little hands have worked so hard using different materials to weave. They have worked individually, with a partner and in small groups. The children’s enthusiasm for weaving has increased each week and we have even had some mini teachers in the room! Well done  everyone,  I am so proud of you all. “

Miss Webster