Year 4 – Rugby with Hunslet RLFC

Project Overview

In Year 4 we have had the privilege of two local rugby coaches from Hunsley RLFC come into school every Monday to teach us how to play rugby. We have built on our skills each week with passing, catching and finished with learning how to play the game. The children have not only learnt about rugby skills they have also learnt how to work as a team and the importance of communication. The children have progressed vastly over the last 7 weeks and can all now confidently take part in a game of non contact rugby. To start with, the children struggled to work as part of a team and they were dropping balls and not completing tasks in good time. However, by the end the children rarely dropped their balls and were amazing at completing the different games in record speed time. 

What The Student Says

“I love it when the rugby coaches come in because they explain things quickly and don’t get mad when we can’t get it right the first time.” – 4LB child. 

“Monday’s are my favourite. I love being outside and learning how to throw and catch a rugby ball as I have never done it before.” – 4LB child. 

“I have got better at my rugby skills and now know how important it is to speak to my team mates.” – 4LB child. 

What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • developed their communication and language skills
  • developed their throwing and catching skills 
  • developed team building skills 
  • developed tactics for attacking and defending 
  • progressed on their skills each week as they have increased in difficulty 
  • compared their performance with previous ones
  • taken part in outdoor activity

What The Teacher Says

“It has been absolutely amazing seeing all of the children progress in rugby. I have also benefited from the lessons as I have learnt the skills alongside them from professional rugby coaches. I have noticed that all children have grown in team building, resilience and confidence. Each week the children built upon their previous skills and made sure they took on board everything that the coaches had said. The coaches were so clear with the children and it showed with how much progress they all made.” 

Miss Brennan