Year 5 – PSHE Being Me

Project Overview

Our theme this half term in PSHE has been ‘Being Me’. In this unit, the children have had the opportunity to discover what life is like for children all over the world. They have been able to understand what rights and responsibilities they have in their lives. They have celebrated what makes them special and discovered how they are all unique. During this topic, they have spent lots of time outside, making use of the different areas around the school such as the campfire. Within our lessons, we have had thought provoking discussions and have learnt how to listen with respect and care. 

We have been able to link our learning to the British Values. When learning about refugees and asylum seekers, the children showed mutual respect and tolerance. We had some great conversations about why people might need to leave their homwe countries and what we could do to support them with this change. The children were able to share some fanatastic ideas. 

A big part of our learning this half term has been discovering how we can communicate effectively with each other. As part of this, the children have had different challenges to complete. For example, they were tasked with building the tallest tower possible using only 10 sheets of paper and a roll of sellotape. 

What The Student Says

“I have really enjoyed learning about refugees and how their lives are different to mine and my friends. I know how to help them and what I could do to make their lives better.” – Year 5 child

“It was really fun being outside and building the towers. The second time we did the task it was easier as we had different jobs to do.” – Year 5 child

What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • Developed their communication and listening skills
  • Engaged in conversations about their rights, responsibilities, duties and freedoms
  • Developed their problem solving skills
  • Developed their decision making skills and shown that they can reach resolutions and conclusions on a variety of issues.

What The Teacher Says

“I thoroughly enjoyed teaching this unit of work. The children really engaged in the lesson and had great contributions to make during class discussions. They were able to take their learning outside and it was lovely to see them make use of the different areas at school. I was really impressed with the children’s maturity when discussing sensitive topics. It was a lovely unit of work to start the school year with and I was very enthused by how well they did.”

– Miss O’Connell, Year 5 Teacher