Year 4 Anglo Saxons

Project Overview

In year 4, we have been learning all about the Anglo Saxons. The children previously learned about the Romans so now we have learnt about what happened after the Roman Empire ended in Britain.

We have considered why the Anglo Saxons travelled over to Britain and discussed the pros and cons. The children also produced maps which showed the countries that the original tribes came from and where each of them settled. 

The children have built their own Anglo Saxon houses using natural materials as that is all that would have been available. They have taken part in an archaeological dig to find artefacts which provided them with deeper insight into who the Anglo Saxons were. We have made our own jewellery and taken part in an Anglo Saxon market where we learnt all about the importance of trade and the type of items that were traded at the time.

What The Student Says

“I love learning about the Anglo Saxons and finding out what happened after the Romans left Britain.”- 4EB Child

“I didn’t realise they traded so many items and had their own style of jewllerly.” -4EB Child

What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • developed their understanding of chronology and British history.
  • asked relevant and important questions about the past and begun to think about they could answer these.
  • considered different reasons of why events happened the way they did.
  • imagined what it would have been like as an Anglo Saxon.
  • drawn conclusions based on artefacts they discovered in an archaeological dig.

What The Teacher Says

Over the last half term, I have really enjoyed teaching the children about the Anglo Saxons. They have been really engaged in this topic and have asked lots of brilliant questions. 

Lots of children have had a go at making their own shields at home in the style of Anglo Saxon shields which has been great to see!

Miss Buxton, 4EB class teacher