1LS Celebrations

Project Overview

In in Year 1  this half term our focus in RE has been celebrations. During the half term we have thought about Christian, Muslim and Jewish celebrations that occur throughout the year. The children have learnt about Eid, Sukkot, Harvest Festival, Christmas, Ramadan and Easter.

We have thought about which religion celebrates each festival as well as how and why they celebrate it. We have also thought about the importance of saying thank you and somethings we are thankful for. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Harvest Festival and why it is so important. During “No Pen Day” the children took the opportunity to collage fruit and vegetable that might be shared during a Harvest Festival.

What The Student Says

“I liked learning about the Harvest Festival. It is a celebration of all things grown in the ground.” 1LS pupil. 

“I liked collaging broccoli. It is one of the vegetables that is grown in the ground.”

1LS pupil.

What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • developed a good understanding of different religions
  • thought about the importance of saying thank you 
  • thought about things they are thankful for
  • developed a broader knowledge of religious celebrations
  • developed an understanding of how occasions are celebrated
  • thought about what happens during Ramadan and why Ramadan is important to Muslims
  • learnt about what happens at Eid
  • learnt about why we celebrate Christmas and why it is important to Christians

What The Teacher Says

It is really great to listen to the children’s own experiences of different celebrations and I thoroughly enjoying learning about the children’s own religious traditions and experiences.

I loved seeing how enthusiastic the children were to get involved with collaging fruits and vegetables. There were lots of lovely discussions developing about how they were picked, which vegetables they liked and how they tasted. The children were really keen to learn about why Christians celebrated a Harvest.

Miss Sunderland, 1LS teacher.