Year 2 – Animals and their offspring

Project Overview

In Year 2 this half term, we have been learning all about the growth of animals, lifecycles, animals and their babies, and what animals need to survive. We have been learning outdoors as much as possible for this topic! The children have particularly enjoyed learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly, and then re-creating the lifecycle using natural resources in our woodland area. Another highlight was visiting our animals around school and finding out what they need to survive. 

What The Student Says

“I liked matching up the animals to their babies.”

“I liked the lifecycle of the butterflies in our journal because we had to write what it turned into.”

“Learning about butterflies when they change.”

“It was fun visiting our school animals to see what they need to eat to survive.”


What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • matched animals and their babies
  • developed their observational skills 
  • found out that not all animals and their offspring look the same
  • noticed  similarities and differences in regards to living things and their environment 
  • observed our school animals in their habitat 
  • cared for a variety of living things
  • identify what animals need to survive
  • label and discuss the lifecycle of a butterfly 

What The Teacher Says

It has been wonderful to see how engaged in their learning the children have been in their Science lessons. They thrive when learning and researching about animal growth and what they need to survive. I believe this highlights their caring nature. The children have been able to apply scientific terms when discussing metamorphic change, such as “offspring, pupa, larva and chrysalis.”

They have shown curiosity and wonder when we have researched a variety of animals and their survival needs. They particularly enjoyed learning about sea animals survival needs! – Mrs Mason 2SM