Year 6- World War Two (WWII) 

Project Overview

In year 6, the children have been learning about World War Two. They have found this topic extremely interesting and have  demonstrated a keenness to learn, within every history lesson this half term! Within this topic, the children had the opportunity to complete a range of cross-curricular learning activities. Some of these included: looking at rationing and creating their own wartime cakes, researching the impact of The Blitz and completing a newspaper article about this and using collage to create silhouettes of The Blitz. 

The topic also provided the children with lots of knowledge about WW2, including: 

  • The key countries involved in WW2 
  • Who Hitler was 
  • How WW2 began and the impact it had 
  • The Treaty of Versailles 
  • The events on the night of The Blitz 
  • Evacuation of children 
  • Rationing 
  • The purpose of propaganda 
  • Hyperinflation 

What The Student Says

” This has been my favourite topic in school so far! I have been able to speak to my grandma about this a lot. She actually looked after an evacuee in the war! It was really good to be able to involve my family with my learning this half term.” (Pupil in 6NP) 

“I really liked it when we got to look at some of the artefacts from WW2. It was fun trying to work out what they may have been used for and then actually finding out the real purpose.” (Pupil in 6MB) 

” I really liked the school trip to Eden Camp. It was really interesting and I found out a lot from this trip. We had to complete a quiz as we went around the camp to show what we had learnt. I couldn’t believe that Eden Camp use to actually be a Prisoner of War Camp.” (Pupil in 6LJ) 

What skills were developed?

The children developed many skills during this topic, including: 

  • Sequencing historical events in chronological order. 
  • Analysing and interpreting sources and artefacts. 
  • Finding out about beliefs,
    behaviour and characteristics
    of people and recognising that not
    everyone shares the same
    views and feelings.
  • Developing an awareness of how
    the same event could impact
    different groups in different
  • Writing an explanation of a past
    event in terms of cause and
    effect using evidence to
    support and illustrate their

What The Teacher Says

“This is my favourite topic to teach in history. It is such an engaging topic and the children gain so much from learning about it. It is fantastic for providing the children with cross-curricular learning, and the children have produced such a range of outstanding pieces of work!” (Miss Jessop, 6LJ) 

“This topic is amazing! My children have enjoyed every part of it. They have produced some fantastic pieces of writing, which showcases the understanding that they have of WW2.” (Miss Benson, 6MB)

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this half terms history lessons! The children have learnt so much and have really impressed me with their enthusiasm and attitude to learning. I am really proud of the work that my class have produced in history this half term!” (Mrs Phipps, 6NP)